RBC Belldandy


The RBC Belldandy bassguitar was commissioned by Joost Maglev and designed, conceived and produced in 2008 by Rob Bulk of RBC Guitars. It was designed with the main character from Kosuke Fujishima’s popular manga series Ah! My Goddess in mind.



  • 5 string 34″ scale
  • maple and walnut neck-through-body
  • birdseye maple fretboard, headstock finish and custom pickup covers
  • custom 12th fret “Belldandy forehead” inlay, abalone
  • carbon fortification, double-action truss rod
  • ash body
  • Hipshot gold hardware (bridge, ultra-light tuners and strap locks)
  • Q-Parts blue/gold crystal dome knobs
  • Nordstrand “Big Single” pickups
  • Passive volume, tone, and pickup blend knobs
  • Ah! My Goddess magic circle relief inlay
  • Gold “Belldandy” logo