About Joost Maglev

Joost started liking music and playing instruments at a very young age. In his grammar school years Joost chose the bass guitar as his main instrument and played bass in various school bands and projects. Also after school he continued to do so.

In 2002 Joost started to record his own music after finding the time, space and confidence to do so. He recorded his first mini CD, Prelude. His experience in music writing, singing, playing various instruments like guitars, keyboards and drums, and recording grew with every bit of music he produced and released eversince. This ranges from the first full length album Voluntary in 2005, the hard-edged mini album Unleaded Blood in 2008, his work with Scarlet Penta in 2012 resulting in the album GAPS, and the re-release of Prelude, ten years after he first recorded it. In 2016 he released his first full-length progressive rock album Overwrite The Sin, to much critical acclaim.

Joost finds inspiration in many different kinds of music, but his musical heroes are Tim Smith (of the Cardiacs), Valensia Clarkson and Yoko Kanno. Being a lover of Japanese artist Gackt, Joost copied a lot of his musical style in his own works from his early years up to Unleaded Blood in 2008, after which Gackt fans started scolding Joost for sounding too much like him, accusing him of plagiarism. After this, Joost started looking for more originality in his music. Since then, Joost has already been praised for being ‘one of the best songwriters in the Netherlands’. However, commercial success is due.

Joost is still active in many bands. From 2007 to 2009 he played in Japanese pop cover band Slightly Spring, and from 2007 to 2011 he was the bassist, backing vocalist and co-songwriter in Galanor. Since 2011 he is a member of Equisa, who have a debut album out called Strange Release, and are currently working on their second album.

This year Joost released a new full-length progressive rock album called Alter Ego. It can be ordered through many major online shops but also on this site.